Kiddos Creamery Review



Kiddos Creamery is an ice cream store that is amazing. Their ice cream is creamy, sweet delicious and totally perfect. They have some weird flavors, like Green Tea, but also flavors like Milk and Cookies and Strawberry Shortcake, which are more normal.

I like mango A LOT. My dad cuts fresh mangos up really well, so when we get one, I always eat way too much. I picked mango ice-cream because I like the sweet flavor of mangos. The mango ice cream at Kiddos tasted like a fresh mango frozen and it was so good I thought about it all day long.

I liked it with the vanilla cone, which is a more common flavor than some of the other cones.


My dad got the coffee & Oreo ice-cream, and I know that he liked it, but this was over 24 hours ago so I can’t remember his exact words. He ate it all though. He always eats all of his food.

Sam’s Star Rating:


They are on Instagram!


The pictures make me hungry again.




One comment

  1. A Work in Progress · June 22, 2017

    You can’t go wrong with a good ice cream store. One of life’s great pleasures. I like mangoes too!


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