Pinz LA

I asked my parents to take me bowling for a few reasons.

  1. I want to become a better bowler.
  2. It was really hot outside.
  3. I want to find the coolest bowling alley in LA.


Mommy looked up bowling alleys on Yelp. She found Pinz there and it had some good reviews, plus she wouldn’t have to drive that far to get there. Here is that review. We thought it was cool that movies had been made there and some movie stars bowl there sometimes.

(Spoiler: I didn’t see any that day.)


The area was nice that the bowling alley was in. Mom gets her nails done nearby so she knew how to get there. We all liked that there was a parking lot because parking in LA sucks most of the time. This is a big plus for Pinz.

The inside was nice and clean, the lanes were smooth. You can order food from your lane, and we ordered french fries and drinks. And I liked them. Mom, Dad and me bowled two games. I got a strike on the second game, so I think my bowling improved. Which was one of my reasons for wanting to go bowling.

They had an arcade, and since I’m into video games and like to win stuff from claw machines, we stopped in there. We epic failed at the claw machines– which are totally rigged. (I’ve won from those machines before, so that’s how I know). I wish that once you picked up the toy or giant jawbreaker candy they wouldn’t fall out when the claw banged the top. Rigged.

momand me

Sam’s Star Rating:


I think Pinz is worth visiting, and I can’t wait to go again! But I do think it’s not the very best that LA can offer me so I can’t give it five stars.





Kiddos Creamery Review



Kiddos Creamery is an ice cream store that is amazing. Their ice cream is creamy, sweet delicious and totally perfect. They have some weird flavors, like Green Tea, but also flavors like Milk and Cookies and Strawberry Shortcake, which are more normal.

I like mango A LOT. My dad cuts fresh mangos up really well, so when we get one, I always eat way too much. I picked mango ice-cream because I like the sweet flavor of mangos. The mango ice cream at Kiddos tasted like a fresh mango frozen and it was so good I thought about it all day long.

I liked it with the vanilla cone, which is a more common flavor than some of the other cones.


My dad got the coffee & Oreo ice-cream, and I know that he liked it, but this was over 24 hours ago so I can’t remember his exact words. He ate it all though. He always eats all of his food.

Sam’s Star Rating:


They are on Instagram!


The pictures make me hungry again.



Hey, I’m Sam and you get five stars

Since moving to LA a few weeks ago my mom and I got really into reading Yelp reviews of restaurants and dogs parks and other stuff we wanted to check out.

After every new place, I started telling my mom my own starred review and explaining the reasons why. Since it’s summer, and she thinks I should “occupy my mind” (her words), she suggested I start a blog to review cool (and lame) places we visit around LA.

I’m a kid, so I’m really honest. Most of the time anyway unless I’m in trouble. You can trust me that if I don’t like it, I’ll tell you. This won’t just be kid places either. My parents make me go to all the fancy, grown-up restaurants and only sometimes let me play on my iPad, so I can tell you how that is, too.

In conclusion, which is what I learned means the end of your story, read my blog whenever I post for all the cool news.

(Mom said there is a follow button somewhere on here that you can use if you want.)